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Try January

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It’s no secret that following Christmas over indulgence more and more people are opting for a healthier start to the year and are self-committing to January rehab – Dry January, it has plagued the On-Trade for some years now, and with over 2 million people taking part last year it is something that continues to grow and effect our industry more and more with every year that passes.

While nobody can argue Dry January is ultimately for a good cause and injecting money into charities is such an important, selfless act that must continue – it is also impossible to argue that Dry January doesn’t damage wet sale volumes in the On-Trade, which is clearly not so much of a positive result for us or our customers.

Dry January can quickly unwrap all the hard work that goes into delivering Christmas volume, we all know its looming yet nobody seems to do anything about it. Can we?

By Andy Dennett

I caught wind of a phrase in January 2015 but sadly by the time I heard it the opportunity had passed, this phrase was Try January – finally someone somewhere wanted to fight back and regain control of the January lull…

After a bit of digging the concept of Try January seemed to stem from something Be At One bars had on a chalk board promotion based around trying new cocktails during January. With this in mind I had the idea to coin their phrase and develop the idea further to encompass all wet categories, including a nod to those wanting to refrain from alcohol.

What are we trying to achieve?

We are probably unlikely to stop anyone taking part in Dry January and we certainly wouldn’t want to stop them donating to charity but what we can do is attempt to disrupt behaviour, why not encourage consumers to try something new during January..?

For those committed to the cause we offer some exciting new soft drinks, something from the ethical fair trade Karma Cola range or something from the natural fresh Firefly Juice range and so on – just because the choice has been made to not drink alcohol it doesn’t mean you are banished to a glass of soda water with a twenty pence shot of lime cordial in it. We can offer a premium solution that will help our customers offer some forward thinking product ranges while also delivering incremental margin.

It doesn’t end there, our portfolio delivers such a diverse mix of products we can offer solutions across the board while encouraging people to premiumise their drink selection. Why not have your customer offer a small range of new Boutique Beers through Try January to encourage the up sell from a standard priced beer to something that will deliver more margin and a new customer experience. Again, why not offer some new, interesting premium spirits as an up sell from the house pour – a nicely packaged premium gin and tonic with a slice of cucumber or a sprig of rosemary will help deliver more money per purchase and could get people thinking about and drinking premium products.

Or it could be a platform to offer a couple of new wines as a repackaged ‘wine of the month’ promo.

How is it executed?

We've developed some artwork templates that can be used across various POS platforms from Posters, Menus and Table Talkers to Bar Runners, Beer mats and Digital Copy to share via social media. The templates can be quickly edited to change products, prices, deals and offers.

We also highlighted some of the key Direct To Customer deals happening in January that added weight to the sell in process of a premium product and could help pull the customer over the line.

Imagine convincing 2 million people to spend an extra £1.00 on the soft drink they purchase, an extra £1.00 on every beer or even an extra £3.00 on every bottle of wine they buy, all while getting them to try something new…

When was the last time you tried something new?

To learn more about #TryJanuary, please get in touch with your account manager.

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