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Cellar door with Bérnard Repolt

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We’ve recently bolstered our premium portfolio with the addition of Burgundy producer Remoissenet Père et Fils. The addition of 11 wines from the Beaune producer follows an increase in demand for Burgundy classics.

Winery Remoissenet Père et Fils was founded in 1877 and was a family run estate until it was sold in 2005. Since then the winery has been led by Managing Director Bérnard Repolt, previously General Manager of Louis Jadot. Head Winemaker, Claudie Jobard, daughter of Laurence Jobard, (winemaker at Maison Joseph Drouhin for 30 years) has been at the estate since 2005 and has been instrumental in turning the winery around. Repolt and Jobard have worked closely together to reduce yields and ensure that the fruit is treated with the utmost respect and that a rigorous triage is carried out. This has allowed the vineyard holdings to be increased, especially for Beaune premier cru which has been expanded to 13 hectares.

I met Bernie last summer, he’s such a character, hugely entertaining and full of fascinating stories. I’m incredibly excited to bring on board this selection of fantastic wines which have greatly improved since Bérnard joined the winery. It was great to see so many of our customers tasting and enjoying the wines at our recent Discover Love Inspire tasting, so I thought I’d steal ten minutes with him for a quick (and I mean very quick!) interview.

Tell us about Remoissenet, what’s behind the label? What drives the winery? Remoissenet is the new generation of what we call Burgundy producers, meaning all that we sell is produced (vinified) by us. We do not buy bulk grapes or must. In 2015 we vinified just 905 barrels, and that was it!

What inspires you day-to-day at Remoissenet? In our day to day work, quality is what drives the winery. Our yields are extremely low, especially for our Pinot Noir vineyards where we use just 3 plants to make 1 bottle (this is a yield of 25 hls/ha). Our sorting tables work at a rate of 500kg/hour, and are the slowest in the world. We declassify and get rid of whatever is not very good, for example in 2013 we did not produce Corton Charlemagne or Beaune Theurons because of the hail that devastated the vineyards.

What inspired you to get involved in the wine trade? My high consumption and love of expensive Burgundy wines drove me naturally to the wine trade!

How have the wines developed over the years? We pick late here at Rémoissenet and have very low yields so the wines have an incredible natural ripeness whereas before they added sugar to get some fruit flavour.

What’s your favourite food and wine pairing? It has to be lamb – paired with a glass of delicious Pinot Noir of course.

What’s your best wine memory? A Balthazar of Beaune Marconnets for my father’s eightieth birthday. It took us less than our hour to drink it!

How do Matthew Clark differ to other suppliers, why did you choose us? I know Matthew Clark very well from my days at Louis Jadot and have always been very impressed by your organisation’s efficiency. It was great to meet you last summer and to learn that you’re looking for more exclusive, high end, top quality wines. Matthew Clark is connected to the UK’s top hotels and restaurants, which is precisely where we want our wines to be enjoyed.

What are you expecting from the latest vintage? 2015 was a lazy ‘Californian vintage’, we had so much sun. But they are very easy to drink.

What makes your wines stand out? Our wines are very addictive, it is very difficult not to finish the bottle once you have opened it.

Have you discovered any wines today which have inspired you? I’m too busy speaking to customers today, but if I get chance to step away, I’ll be looking at Pinot Noir from outside of Burgundy!

Discover more about the wines of Remoissenet Père et Fils stocked my Matthew Clark by clicking here.

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