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Celebrate World Whisky Day - 21st May

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It seems everything nowadays has its own ‘special day’ – January 8th, National Bubble Bath Day; April 22nd, Jelly Bean Day but one that really captures my interest is World Whisk(e)y day – a proper day, one to get excited about (no offence Bubble Baths or Jelly beans).

World Whisk(e)y day in my opinion should be a national holiday, or maybe the day after would be a better idea. As I mentioned in my previous blog, there is a whisky for everyone you just have to keep trying until you find the right one – challenge accepted I hear you say, but not all in one go.

We have picked out a few of our favourites from around the globe;


Such positivity around the Japanese drinks sector and rightly so. From humble beginnings, come some of the world’s now most revered whiskies. Nikka Coffey Malt is produced using a coffey still which is usually used for producing grain whiskies.


A superpower in the whiskey world, with some fantastic small batch whiskeys emerging such as the Hudson Four Grain – a perfect balance of…you guessed it 4 grains. the very first distillers to produce and age whiskey in New York since prohibition.


It has to be Canadian Club, when prohibition was introduced into the US, it was Canadian Club that kept the flow going to the US with huge amounts being smuggled across the border.


The sleeping giant has awoken with huge investment to the distilling industry. Back in production in 1991 after a 10 year absence Red Breast 12yo is aged in the finest Sherry & Bourbon casks.


With just the one Whisky distillery set in the beautiful Brecon Beacons Penderyn Madeira uses a unique single copper pot to create a whisky with great freshness and perfect notes of creamy toffee.


When can you talk whisky without thinking of Scotland, some of the finest whiskies in the world, with such a vast array of flavours. Compass Box offers a change to the norm by blending a range of malts to create a great balance of flavours. Try the Spice Tree for a mix of spice and smooth vanilla.

But these are just our thoughts, so don’t be afraid to break the norm, try something different, maybe a cocktail – such as a mint julep, or for those looking for something a little stronger in taste the classic Old Fashioned.

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