An epicurean’s dream, the chefs have come from some of the very best restaurants around the world to bring the delights of the east to Harrogate. Everything from the hand-painted wash bowls to the hand-carved imported furniture has been meticulously selected to make The Royal Baths a stunning dining venue.

Over £1.5 million has been invested on the interior, to maintain the glory of this famous building: a stunning venue for both eyes and taste buds. The Royal Baths have a reputation for having a great wine list and we believe that, as well as the delightful selection of wines, this is down to the way it is clearly laid out by wine style.

The owner, Hak Ng, was very open to having the wine list arranged by style when it was suggested to him by Rachel and could immediately see the benefits. The main advantage being ease of navigation for the diners, which makes more of the list accessible and gives them the confidence to buy better wines, ultimately delivering more profit to the business.

Another advantage of arranging a wine list by style is that when initially selecting the range it is easy to judge that the list is balanced with appropriate flavour profiles.

Hak believes that arranging the list by style has definitely contributed to his increased revenue from wine. He says, "It removes the risk that customers feel, when selecting wines they know little or nothing about; they feel comfortable ordering a wine within their preferred style category. They may even choose a more expensive wine within that section because they like the other wines within that category. Encouraging our customer to trade up helps my staff to recommend more premium wines."

His customers often ask for a wine to match the food they are having and dividing the list by style helps the staff to recommend an appropriate wine with confidence. This makes the whole list more understandable, and also encourages his guests to return and discover other wines on the list.

Customers always look for a risk-free purchase, but they will experiment if they are confident with the information they have available. If your wine list is confusing to read, with no hint as to the styles of the wine, people will go for the cheaper, perceived-safer options. Get your wine list right and watch your profits soar.