Experience a spectacular showcase! The greatest tasting on earth is coming to town. Marvel in wonderment and experience an awe inspring line-up of astounding wines, confounding cocktail creations and breathtaking beers! Begin your registration here.

Matthew Clark pitches up the Big Top for our biggest and most electrifying annual wine tasting yet. We’ll share a range like never before for you to savour and sample. Be beguiled, be bewildered, be flabbergasted. For one day only at London's Tobacco dock, you will witness hundreds of products, our ringmasters giving captivating masterclasses and dine on delectable dishes.

The Wine Bonanza

A breath-taking show of over 500 wines. Everything from our sensational showcase of ‘New Arrivals’ to our boundary pushing bazaar of ‘Dare Devil’s’.

Don’t miss our collection of rare and exotic wines found in the ‘Menagerie’. This and many more will make for an unforgettable experience!

Helter Skelter Cocktails

Visit our spine-tingling amusements where we’ll introduce you to all kinds of weird and wonderful cocktail creations. An infusion of flavours and botanicals then lies in wait at The Alchemist Bar, followed by our deviously dark and mysterious whisky cocktails to tickle your fancy.

The Beer Ground

Journey through our busy beer fairground stalls... Introducing an eclectic collection of our finest Boutique Beers. Try the very tastiest IPA for some marvellous additions to your splendid establishment.

and much more..

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