How do I open an account?

You can make a request by clicking the open account link at the top of this page. Alternatively you can call Customer Services on 0344 822 3910. Once you have done this we will process your request and be in touch.

How can I place an order?

See our ways to order page for more information.

What are my delivery days?

When you join Matthew Clark you will be set up with 1 or more delivery dates, orders must be placed before your cut off time the day before to be delivered on the agreed day. You can find out your dates when you place an order or speak to your account manager if you have any issues.

Are you registered with the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS)?

We are! The AWRS registration number for Matthew Clark is XVAW00000101595. 

What is my minimum order amount?

A minimum order value is the minimum value of an order before VAT that we will fulfill. You can find out your minimum order value when you place an order. If you have issues with the amount, contact your account manager who may be able to assist.

What’s my order cut off?

Depending on your ordering method the cut off time for next day delivery are as follows:

  • Telesales: 13:00 (Certain locations can be 12:30, please call customer services for more information)
  • Email / Electronic: 12:30
  • Customers who order via an online platform (MC Live, ABS, Birchstreet etc) Please contact our eServices team for specific cut off times for your online platform on: 0844 822 3913

I've placed my order for delivery today but it still hasn't arrived?

Our Customer Services department will be able to advise you if your order is out for delivery and where possible supply an ETA. Please contact Customer Services on: 0344 822 3910.

I have had incorrect items delivered.

Please contact our Customer Services team on: 0344 822 3910.

Have you received my email order?

Once an email has been received an automatic response will be sent back to the sender. This is an acknowledgement that your order has been received. A further email will be sent confirming the order has been processed. If you do not receive these emails please check your spam/junk folder.

I would like to request a copy of my invoice.

You can view these online with our e-billing portal. Please click here to register for e-billing or contact our Customer Services. This will enable you to access and download/print copies of your recent invoices. Our Customer Services team can be contacted on: 0344 822 3910.

I am unable to log in to MC Live to process my order.

Please contact our eServices team who will be happy to assist on: 0844 822 3913 or email mc-livesupport@matthewclark.co.uk.

How do I contact my account manager?

When you join Matthew Clark you should be provided with contact details for your account manager, if you haven’t call our Customer Services team on 0344 822 3910.

What other services do you provide?

As well as drinks distribution, we offer a wide range of added value support. See our supporting your business page for more information.

How can I arrange a wine training session?

With our team of Wine Development Specialists and highly trained account managers we are always happy to help you with wine training. Speak to your account manager about how we can help.

How do I register for events?

We love to see all our customers at events, see our events page for more info on what is coming up and how to register.

How do I contact Design Studio?

Call on 01275 890215 or email designstudioadmin@matthewclark.co.uk.