Brandy Alexander

The Brandy Alexander became popular during the early 20th century,likely named after Troy Alexander, a New York City bartender.

Irish Coffee.JPG

Irish Coffee

The original Irish coffee was invented and named by Joe Sheridan, a head chef in Foynes, County Limerick.



The first example of the term "eggnog" was in 1775, when a Maryland clergyman and philologist wrote a poem about the drink.

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Kir Royal

This classic french sparkling cocktail seems to be an early 20th century invention, a twist on the popular Kir cocktail.

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Mulled Wine

Spiced and heated wine dates back to Roman times, and reportedly spread as they conquered Europe becoming a popular winter tipple.

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White Russian

Neither the black nor white Russian actually originated in Russia. The first use of the term "White Russian" was traced back to 1965.