Tiffany Mogg

Wine Marketing Manager

My journey into wine started in 2007 when I knew relatively little on the subject, bar that I liked it. Since then I've gained my WSET Diploma, and Educators qualification and joined Matthew Clark in 2012. Most people believe that working with wine is all parties, drinking and trips abroad, obviously 'we in the know' realise it's around the clock hours, all days of the week and generally hard graft, so the rare perk of a party is well deserved! What does make people join this trade, and then stick to it, amongst a society of every changing career paths is the unwavering delight and surprise that wine evokes in us. You simply never stop discovering and creating great memories with wine, there is no other product in the world like it ... maybe cheese? I am very lucky to work with such like-minded dedicated people, colleagues have become life friends.

Why do you love the On-Trade?
Changes to the UK economy since 2008 have clearly affected the UK On-Trade. But what I love about it is the resilience it has shown; sure we can say there has been an element of 'survival of the fittest', but the service, range, and quality on offer has vastly improved as a result. Now is a great time to expand your horizons and soak up all the experiential offerings available.