Laurie Davis

Wine Controller

Wine is a backdrop for so many great experiences – sharing a bottle always provokes a smile.  

I first became interested in wine picking grapes in the Hunter Valley in my youth; this interest continued whilst working as a chef for 16 years both in Australia and the UK. I joined Matthew Clark 15 years ago as a Sales Account manager and progressed to managing a regional team. Now working as the Wine Controller I oversee the purchasing and marketing of wine. Wine as a hobby has turned into wine as a career. I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the true icons of the wine industry: having lunch with Robert Mondavi in his vineyard in Napa and a five-day master class with Miguel Torres Senior, whose passion and knowledge is unsurpassed, are two that come to mind. The constant evolution of the wine industry means that everyone can always learn a little more when it comes to wine.

Why do you love the On-Trade?
Spending all of my working life in the On-Trade, in different areas, I’ve had the chance to meet so many dedicated, hard-working and innovative people. The On-Trade sets the pace for the rest of the UK wine market, even influencing trends across other countries. Being involved with this thriving market is both interesting and tremendous fun.