Zoe Coombs

Wine Development Specialist

After many years of working front of house in the On-Trade I realised that finding a customer the perfect wine for their meal or just their taste gave me an immense amount of pleasure. This job allows me to continue to do this but with not quite such unsociable hours! Finding the wines for a customer that help them sell more and to get feedback that their customers love their wines is a real buzz for me. The other great buzz in this job is when you are presenting what we (MC) can do for them and the prospect customer is genuinely impressed and excited to work with us. Building good relationships with our customers is another great part to this job, again I would relate this back to my time running On-Trade outlets, getting repeat and loyal customers is a big complement and makes all the hard work somewhere near worthwhile!

Why do you love the On-Trade?
Its my second home -if I'm not working in it I am relaxing in it so I must love it! The sole purpose is to make the people who walk through the doors day a little better and I am very happy to play my part in that.