Simon Grayson

Wine Development Specialist

After a colourful life, which has included farming tobacco in Central Africa, to buying a restaurant, in Leicestershire, via the motor trade in Kenya, I fell into the wine trade by default, just over 12 years ago. Wine was something that had always intrigued me and my only regret in life, is that fate had not brought me into the industry earlier. It's an amazing drink and my purpose in life is to give confidence to  everyone who has the desire to explore, taste and drink better quality wine and enhance their lives. 

Why do you love the On-Trade?

The On-Trade is where we get a real chance to introduce our customers, as well as their clientele, to quality wines that do justice to the venue and the experience it offers. Wine gives license to a more quirky and creative approach and this is the way I enjoy working the most. The on trade is also home to the characters, without which, the industry would be a very dull and boring place.