David Kelly

Regional Sales Manager

I’m approaching six years with Matthew Clark, three of which were with the wine team. Like many of my colleagues, I first became interested in wine whilst working in the On-Trade early in my career: in restaurants, behind bars and as a wine waiter. This was followed by a spell with a Scotch whisky company before I joined Matthew Clark. My current favourite wine is Zinck’s Grand Cru Gewürztraminer – a naughty frolick in a bath of molten Turkish delight while mulled lychees are massaged into your earlobes. Wine shouldn’t be capable of tasting this incredible.

Why do you love the On-Trade?

The On-Trade creates settings for social gatherings and celebratory moments. It exists for enjoyment, refreshment and satisfaction among friends, acquaintances and family. Much like wine (to borrow some Bruce Jack mantra), the On-Trade does a small, simple thing: it's adds joy to life!