Gemma Pym

Retail Marketing Manager

My On-Trade journey began in my first year of uni, getting a job at the Student Union bar… it was more about quantity than quality back then - my tastes have evolved a fair bit since then! I started work at Matthew Clark with the intent of spending a year in telesales, saving to go travelling, then head off to Australia. Within 6 months I had a marketing role, and 10 years later and a number of roles in, my travels to Australia have been permanently forgotten! I’ve worked in various marketing roles and am currently within National Account marketing which I am LOVING. I get to work with some of our biggest customers on a daily basis, no two days are the same.

Why do you love the On-Trade? 
After 14 years working on one side of the bar or the other, it still never fails to excite and surprise me. It’s in a constant state of evolution – the drinks, the styles, the trends. I love that we get to work with such a diverse customer and consumer base - every day is different.