Rebecca Elliott

Marketing Communications Manager

I always knew I wanted to work in the trade having grown up with my Dad working in the On-Trade - it was in my blood! I grew up getting to go to pubs and learning how they operate. I then got to experience it first hand when I worked at a local pub during sixth form and before I went to Uni. 

After graduating from Exeter Uni in 2006, I spent a couple of years working for a sports events and hospitality company. Whilst I really enjoyed it (getting to go to the 2007 RWC final was definitely a perk!), I knew that it wasn't the industry I wanted to work in. After a 3 month break to do a ski season (where I probably spent more time in the bars and restaurants than on the slopes!) I decided to go back to Uni and completed an MSc in Management at Bath University where I wrote my thesis on the future of the Great British Pub industry - it didn't really seem like work at the time as I got to meet and talk to so many interesting people across the industry.

I then joined the MC marketing team in 2010, starting out as Customer Marketing Manager where I looked after our monthly promotions brochures and point of sale. In 2011, I took on the role of Brand manager, working on and helping to launch our company re-brand. I now work as Marketing Communications Manager and am heading up the team whilst our manager is on maternity leave. Our team after are responsible for developing and executing the overall internal and external communications strategy here at MC.  I love working in our team as we get to work with everyone across the business and every day is different. 

Why do you love the On-Trade?
I love it because it gives you the opportunity to try something that you wouldn't get at home. Whether that's a cocktail or something to eat, there's always something new to experience with your friends and family.