Helen Trubshaw

Customer Development Director

I have worked my way up through the ranks in Matthew Clark, a journey which began fourteen years ago as a Sales Account Manager for the West Midlands. This journey continued as I took on the responsibility of Key Account Manager responsible for IFT multiples. Moving onto Customer Development Manager I sought out new business opportunities in the multiple and profile arena and then onto a Regional Managers role covering the East Midlands team. In my current position my team look after our existing multiple volume and profile accounts in central England and Wales. My new business team are constantly looking for new partnerships in the exciting arena of grass roots new business ventures and new partnerships in the On-Trade. We are always keen to explore and develop new ways of working with our customers to best drive their business forward today and in the future.

Why do you love the On-Trade?

The On-Trade is one of the sacred places where "actual" socialising is still very much alive, where people go to meet each other as couples as groups for events, for parties even on your own where there are friendly staff where "actual" conversations take place who wouldn't love that in a world where the virtual seems to take over every other part of our life.